Movement in Gold

by Soul-Shakti Devotion

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On behalf of Soul-Shakti Devotion, we hope you enjoy (as we have) the medicine of this collection of sacred universal Sanskrit chants and devotional hymns, dedicated to the Divine Mother and Father of Creation. Since ancient times, shamans, healers, and spiritual seekers all throughout the world have made use of the ritual of rhythmically chanting the names of the Divine to facilitate healing and the release of blocked emotional energy, to stimulate profound surges of aliveness, to experience heightened states of conscious connection to All of Life, and to uncover and bring out deeper expressions of the soul. The desire to have and sustain a personal and conscious connection to the Divine Presence is what drew us as many others toward these universal soulful expressions. Perhaps, they can serve as a meaningful addition to whatever you may practice already as a part of your spiritual path.

A Few Words About These Songs
-Shambo Medina

I think it is important to note in the translating of these songs, that in the interpretation into English, sometimes the core meaning of a phrase cannot be fully brought forth from such an ancient language such as Sanskrit to a modern language such as English. This being considered, sometimes the translated meanings are not absolutely exacting. However, I believe that at the core of all of these songs, the intent that’s being expressed goes something like “God (Mother/Father), come closer. Show yourself to me (inside of me). I want to be with you now.” The beauty in the repetitive chant is that it hones everything inside of the devotee, in the moments of singing (and even after the song), toward a communion with the Divine that is intimate and personal. The further one ventures into the repetitive, rhythmic singing chant with intent to connect, sometimes the deeper the stirrings into the depths of the soul part and of the emotions. In such a place, allowing oneself to express freely through rocking, swaying, dancing or making sounds or utterances in the moment that feel right, can further deepen the experience of coming alive within the devotional song. In addition, deep , conscious breathing as well as prayer or meditation before and after are not necessary, but can also enhance the experience of devotional singing, if you decide to make it a part of your personal spiritual practice.

As far as the songs being in Sanskrit (debatably the most ancient language still used to day), I would venture to say that as many other languages have sprung forth from Sanskrit, that it is somewhat of a world heritage language and thus closer to many of us than it may appear at first glance. For me, though the wording felt a bit foreign at first, my experience with these words has been that once I spent some time listening to the pronunciation and making an effort to sing them, eventually they began to feel very natural and almost like an expression of something innate within me. With regards to the various names of the Divine that are expressed throughout the songs, the way I’ve come to understand them is that particular names acknowledge particular attributes or manifestations of the same Divine Presence we call God. And therefore, strategically, certain names of the Divine have been known to bring one in touch with the corresponding attributes of the Divine that are being acknowledged and invoked through the song. For example, the name Durga is an acknowledgement of a manifestation of the Divine Feminine or Great Mother, known to invoke courage. Lastly, I think it is important to consider that intent to have a connection to Divine Love is what (I feel) makes spiritual songs of any language universally accessible to any spiritual seeker. In this way, whether one song says in English “Father God” and another says “Shiva,” the same energy and presence of Divine Love can show up to be with us.

About Haidakhan Babaji

The Great Saint Mahavatar Shri Haidakhan Babaji, (pictured at the top of our page) is a Divine Being (not born of a woman), known by many as the incarnation of Shiva and the same Babaji spoken about in Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi. He has been known to materialize from age to age in the Kumoan region of the Indian Himalayas to guide and help humans connect to God. In His last incarnation, from 1970 to 1984, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and various spiritual seekers throughout the world were drawn to Him through dreams, visions, and testimonies of His accent into manifestation. He promoted what He called the Sanatan Dharma or Eternal Path of Truth, Simplicity, and Love, which He said was at the core of every major religion. When asked about religion specifically, He said to follow the religion that is in your heart. He stressed that the quickest way to realize God was through the combination of “Japa” (repetition of the name of God) and “Karma Yoga” (any form of work dedicated to God). Babaji encouraged the repetition of the mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” which means “I Take Refuge in God” as the water to cleanse the mind of useless, worrisome, or tantalizing thoughts and open the door inside to hear God.


released September 29, 2012

Om Kar Guruji 2:37 (" We honor You (Teacher), Who brings everything into existence" ) Shambo Medina, vocals/ Jared Wofford, spanish guitar

Amba Bhavani 3:29 ("Honor to the Divine Mother (Amba and Bhavani), the Mother of the Universe") Phil Cook, accordion/ Vandorn Hinnant, percussion/ Peter Kimosh, bass guitar/ Kali Maie, vocals, percussion/ S. Medina, vocals, percussion/ J. Wofford, rock guitar

Shiva Maheshwara 4:04 (" Oh Great Lord Shiva (Father), You are the Divine Guru, Shiva Maheshwara, Shiva Shankara, Shiva Mahadeva (names for Lord Shiva or Divine Father)...You are the Divine Guru, residing on Mt. Kailash, you are the Great God...Residing in Haidakhan, You are the Eternal Shiva....With the Great Mother (Amba), You are the Lord of the three worlds. I honor you Shiva (Father)...I honor You Baba (Father)....I take refuge in God) P. Cook, harmonium, sliding guitar/ K. Maie, vocals, percussion/ S.Medina, vocals, percussion/ V. Hinnant, percussion

Mother I Feel You 2:28 P. Cook, banjo, sliding guitar/ K. Maie, vocals, percussion/ S. Medina, vocals, percussion

Om Haidakhandi 1:38 ("Hail to the One from Haidakhan (Babaji)") S. Medina, vocals

Prabhuji 3:23 (Beloved Lord, those who sing Your praises are exceptional people. Those who give their lives for Your Name's sake are exceptional people. Having made me drink the nectar of Your love, make me now Your devotee (one who wants only You)) P. Cook, banjo/ S. Medina, vocals

Ao Ao Mere Angana 3:30 ( Come, come into my heart and house, (Great Mother) Durga Bhavani, O Mother Durga Bhavani, O Mother Amba Bhavani...I will offer You insence...I will offer you light....I wll feed You with five different kinds of dried fruits...I will adorn You with a seven-colored veil....I will wash Your feet, Oh Mother. I will wash Your feet with the water of the Ganges (river ) P. Cook, sliding guitar/ P. Kimosh, percussion/ K. Maie, vocals, percussion/ S. Medina, vocals

The Medicine 2:33 S. Medina, vocal/ J. Wofford, rock guitar/recording: Jamaica Aarti, March 2012

He Bhavani 3:47 P. Cook, harmonium, sliding guitar/ V. Hinnant, percussion/ P. Kimosh, bass guitar/ K. Maie, vocals, percussion/ S. Medina, vocals, percussion/ J. Wofford, rock guitar

Shiva Shambo 2:17 P. Cook, harmonium/ V. Hinnant, percussion/ K. Maie, vocals, percussion/ S. Medina, vocals, percussion/ J. Wofford, rock guitar

Narayana Om 0:55/ K. Maie, vocals, percussion

Chamundaye Kali Ma 2:38 V. Hinnant, percussion/ K. Maie, vocals, percussion/ S. Medina, vocals, percussion/ J. Wofford, rock guitar

Papa's Song Wishum "Papa" Twitty, 99 yrs., vocals/ S. Medina, bells

Divine Mother Aarti John Heitzenrater, sarod/Peter Kimosh, electric upright bass/K. Maie, vocal/ S. Medina, vocals, bells Shri

Haidakhandi Bhole Baba P. Cook, banjo, sliding guitar/ K. Maie, vocals/ S. Medina, vocals

All Tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Kimosh
at Steady State Studios in Durham, NC
* The only exception to this is "Ao Ao Mere Angana", which was recorded at Flying Tiger Studios in Raleigh, NC



all rights reserved


Soul-Shakti Devotion North Carolina

Soul-Shakti Devotion is Kali Maie and Shambo Medina, singing Universal spiritual chants, dedicated to the Divine Presence as the Great Mother and Father of Creation. Pictured above is our Teacher, the Great Saint Mahavatar Herakhan Babaji, known by many as the incarnation of Shiva, who comes into manifestation from age to age to guide spiritual seekers worldwide in their quest for union with God. ... more

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